Come As You Are...

CAYA Soundsystem has a rich undercurrent stretching back to the mid 1980s, when Operator & Selector Thali was a young girl.  Born into a household of soundsystem that vibration has been carried ever since, leading to the creation of CAYA in 2016. CAYA is the music hub of the COME AS YOU ARE Enterprise, which aims to use the subject of music as an educational, charitable, entertaining and entrepreneurial tool.

Part of CAYA’s ethos is to bring together tradition and modernity and therefore the creation of CAYA was not hastily conceived or produced, instead much time and research was invested and many of the great soundsystems in the UK have been hugely helpful in its creation.  Ranging from Peoples Sound, Coxsonne, Channel One, Iration Steppas, V-Rocket, Young Warrior, Jah Ronimo & Cultural Roots.

The main focus of CAYA is to continually support roots, reggae and dub music, bringing with it a feminine touch, in the 21st Century.  It will be a platform for  everyone who truly believes in equality, diversity and righteous music, prevailing a good message in all its events & ventures.

CAYA is a collaborative sound, that aims to inspire, and we are delighted to invite founder Thali to Scotland for the first time to join forces with some like-minded selectors on Session 2.

Session: 2
Date: 2nd March
Venue: Skylight Bar