Electrikal Soundsystem

Full Power Bass...

Electrikal Sound System are a forward-thinking consortium of bass music event specialists hailing from Scotland. Established in 2009, their distinctive, premium quality 50kw custom-built sound system – featuring distinctive blue horns and a unique natural wood finish – is optimised for sub-bass frequency music and can provide reinforcement for over 4000 people.

As a collective, they’ve supplied the sound system, décor, lighting and full turnkey solutions at major events and festivals across the UK – including the Boomtown Fair Street Party, Belladrum’s Temple of Dub, on board the famous Croatian boat parties of Outlook and Dimensions, and provided a skate ramp stage in collaboration with Sika records at NASS Festival.

Electrikal provide bass for Session one with their favous Danley Pro tops.

Session: 1
Date: 1st March
Venue: La Belle Angele

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