Sinai Sound System

Hailing from Sheffield, Sinai Sound System plays contemporary reggae and dub music presented in the traditional sound system style, fusing the boundaries between pro-audio and sound system culture.

The sound system in its full form was debuted in Sheffield to great acclaim in March 2014. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength pushing the boundaries of what a modern sound system can be.

As time has gone by the crew has increased to four full time members, each with their own specialised skill set; be it building boxes, creating new original music to play on the sound, promotion, maintenance and more.ย  Working closely together with other Sheffield sound crews, working as a team, Sinai relies on its strengths and not just individual personalities.

Sinai Sound was also the first dub sound system to appear on the prestigious โ€œBoiler Roomโ€, providing the sound system for Deep Medi in Nov 2015

Session: 3
Date: 14th March
Venue: La Belle Angele