Sta’Sax & Aretha Marie-Jah

King & Queen Unite...

Popularly known for hit tracks such as “Skank To Azania”, “Magic Blow” as well as “Satta Steppa” to name a few, Sta’Sax (aka Stamina li) has uplifted sessions worldwide with his saxophone recorded work and live & direct in dances as a mic-chanter (under the alias Stamina li). It is with great enthusiasm that he will perform these tracks on the Mighty Oak Sound System at Wee Dub. Sta’Sax will feature with his life partner Aretha Marie-Jah , songstress known for her revolutionary stance, her microphone skills, and tracks such as “I Love The Blessing”, “The Real Deal” & “Freedom Fighter” recorded by Mafia & Fluxy, and underground favourite “Rasta Chanters”.

Sta’Sax & Aretha Marie-Jah met on what they called Liberation Road, using music to educate, emancipate and teach their audiences.

Expect a King & Queen performance like never seen before including vocal and sax combinations as well as vocal duets spiced with freestyles and improvisations, a perfect combination not to be missed!

Session: 2
Date: 2nd March
Venue: Skylight Bar