Electrikal Soundsystem

electrikalElectrikal Sound System is a 26kw custom built PA and is comprised of high quality audio components sourced exclusively from the UK. Specialising in deep bass frequencies, it represents the next step in sound system culture, seeking to bridge the gap between Jamaican sound clashes and the fast evolving electronic music scene.

Since its mobilization in early 2010, it has traveled length of Britain and has appeared at over 400+ events both indoor and outdoor, amplifying the sound of many established artists as well as a whole host of newly discovered talents. The distinctive blue horns and speaker grills combined with a glossy wooden finish ensure Electrikal Soundsystem is one of the most recognisable systems operating in the UK today.

Electrikal power Session 1 at La Belle Angele, where heavyweights such as Chopstick Dubplate and Fleck will grace the system.

Date: Friday 4th March
Session: 1
Venue: La Belle Angele