Charlie P

Charlie PHailing from Southend, Charlie P has been singing since the very young age of 5, starting off as a Motown/blues singer, but quickly realising his real love was reggae music. He joined the infamaous ska collective Goldmaster All-Stars at the age of 11 and his passion for reggae soon turned into a well known talent. A meeting with Nick Dubateers, a man who owned a local sound system in his town turned Charlie P onto soundsystem culture, and some studio recordings followed.

Charlie P is now a familiar face and voice at dances and recordings around the world – his youthful looks belying a voice of true soul and gravity – and one of the most captivating MCs working today. We welcome him to Wee Dub where he will appear with long-time partners Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

Date: Saturday 7th March
Session: 3
Venue: Studio 24