Lala And The Booya

Lala And The BooyaLa La & the Boo Ya are Marf & Eddie, a sibling collaboration based in West Yorkshire, UK. They describe the music they create as “songs for dancefloors and kitchen tables”. Music is in their blood, and the eclectic flavours they grew up with have shaped their unpinnable sound. Be it their dad’s John Peel cassettes or their uncle’s ska band, family folk songs round the fire or mum’s car speakers pumping soul and reggae, big sister’s Smiths records or big bro’s jungle-mania – it’s all there, with plenty more to boot.

There’s a fair bit of genre teasing – flitting between electro, ragga, folk, break-beat, funk, dubstep and tear-out jungle. The basslines jump from dirty and distorted to bouncy and playful. It’s this sense of fun that binds together the creative flows of brother and sister. Marf has the lyrical ability to be sincere and tongue in cheek at the same time, part folk songstress and part rude gal – her husky tones pack a punch as, from song to song, she veers from the very personal to the downright political, discussing 21st century environments with sweet melodies and brutal honesty.

In 2010, a mutual friend introduced Congo Natty to the music of La La & the Boo Ya. Since then, Marf has appeared on stage at many a Congo Natty dance and his new album features his own take of La La & the Boo Ya’s ‘Junglist Soldiers’ as well as Marf’s guest vocalings throughout the album. LL&BY’s sense of family and music as priority has secured a long lasting working relationship with the Congo Natty Fam and their debut single ‘Lioness’ released March 2013 on the new Congo Natty Bass label. The single went out as a double A side – the flipside being a Congo Natty / Vital Elements (Serial Killaz) remix featuring the UK’s dancehall queen Lady Chann.

Date: Friday 6th March
Session: 1
Venue: La Belle Angele