Krak In Dub ft. Troy Berkley AKA Fogata Sounds

Krak In Dub (France)Direct from France in a Scottish debut!

More than 50 records produced, 20 years scouring the roads across 4 continents, hundreds of concerts, Krak in Dub has come a long way since his first steps into the underground soundsystem scene with the Mas i Mas in the early 90′s.

He now works with legends of Jamaican music such as Lone Ranger or Demolition man, offering big riddims and basslines for the version and remix.

Krak In Dub plays live Fogata riddims spanning dub, ragga, jungle and digital, and is joined by Bermuda-born MC Troy Berkley to give us a heavy slice of the popular Fogata Sounds sensation through the mighty Electrikal Soundsystem on Session 2.

Date: Friday 7th March
Session: 2
Venue: Teviot Underground