Nucleus Roots (Live)

Nucleus Roots (Live)Nucleus Roots was a studio project established in 1995 by P Lush, one of the original members of Manchester’s popular punk-reggae band Community Charge. For many years the Nucleus Roots performed as a full band and as a stripped down soundsystem set-up at festivals and dances across the country.

London based Aba Shanti I was instrumental in furthering Nucleus Roots’ notoriety within sound system culture by being the first major soundsystem to play a Nucleus Roots track at a dance – Don Hartley’s “Deep Roots”. Interest in Nucleus Roots’ music grew rapidly from then on, with more and more sounds systems requesting dub plates and specials, notably Wee Dub brethren Iration Steppas who brought to the fore tracks like Jah Rule and My King.

Over a decade later Nucleus Roots are still held with the highest respect within the Reggae and Dub fraternity and continue to tour and excite audiences young and old at home and abroad. With the resurgence of their record label and actively releasing vinyl again, Nucleus Roots look set to continue championing their unique sound that so many fans love and which is so intrinsically part of Manchester’s reggae scene.

Date: Friday 7th March
Session: 1
Venue: Studio 24